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Trying to help someone I consider a mentee, feel awful for this guy and have never heard of a situation like this so your input would be great.

In a nutshell: intern had a great summer, stellar performance review and left his summer gig under the impression that he'd have a FT offer in his hands. Well, turns out that some senior MDs recommended some other guys for the FT role, and his team was forced to interview aformentioned senior referrals and he has yet to receive a definitive yes/no for the FT role months after his summer stint.

Kid has no idea if he's gonna get asked back or not and has only been told that he's still been recommended by his team to get looped on for FT. However, hates his chances because the fact that the team even had to interview other candidates after he had a summer-long tryout leads him to think that nepotism will yet again trump merit.

Feel terrible for this kid and have no idea what I should tell him to do about this since it's such a fucked up/unique scenario.

What would you do if you were in his shoes?

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Oct 10, 2018