How Would You Write This Email?

I'm pursuing a career in IB and I bumped into my former Finance professor. She gave me the name and contact (email / number) of a Senior VP in a big global bank here who also teaches IB in a top business school.

They have an investment banking graduate program that I can join by January where he teaches. I'm based in Asia-Pacific.

Of course, she advised me to email him first before calling given his busy schedule.

If you were to write this email, how would you do it?

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Dec 15, 2017

The absolute best would be for your professor to send an introductory email with you cc'd. Barring that possibility, keep it short and simple. If he's that busy he won't have the time or desire to read your life story.

If this role isn't based in Asia-Pacific, maybe throw a line in about why you want to leave your region. What do you mean that they have an investment banking graduate program where he teaches? Are you trying to get a graduate job or get into a graduate degree program? This email will obviously change if it turns out to be the latter.


Hello XXXX,

I hope this finds you well. I'm a former student of XXXX and am currently a junior/senior at XXX studying Finance/Economics/Sociology/whatever. I'm writing you because I'm very interested in a career in investment banking and PROFESSOR'S NAME thought that you would be a great person to speak with to learn more about the industry and possible career opportunities as a result of your experience both working for BIG GLOBAL BANK and teaching at TOP BUSINESS SCHOOL. If you have the time, I'd love to set up a time to meet for a coffee, or chat on the phone if your schedule is too tight.

Thanks in advance for your consideration! I look forward to hearing from you

Kind regards,
@Biriyo Neru"

Good luck!

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Dec 15, 2017


Hey man, thanks! Introductory email -excellent idea man! I'll ask my professor if that can be done. Btw, I've already graduated with 2 yrs work experience. Former trader under FX treasury desk.

The culture here is different, IB's don't hire fresh out of college, they prefer ones with 2-3 yrs work XP though good fresh grads can get in. Also, it's not uncommon to see people moving in and out of IB from other finance fields like ER, Asset Mgt., etc since the scene here is not as big as Wall Street / EU.

I wanna take that IB graduate program for 3 reasons: 1.) Improve my skill and knowledge of the IB job here since the professors are always practitioners of the field. 2.) Add credibility to my CV 3.) Perhaps more importantly, to be able to network with the professors (who are senior IB bankers themselves)


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Dec 15, 2017

Got it. Since it's a graduate program (school) this is a much lower stress environment. I would be up front in an email and say: I'm really interested in this program and I wanted to speak to you to find out the best way to apply and guarantee entry etc.

If it were for a job I would be a little more coy than straight up asking for a job as it's implied you want a job.

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Dec 15, 2017
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