how is ivey in HK finance

I am hesitating between ivey aeo and Waterloo FARM coop. I plan to go to hongkong for a finance job after graduation. Could you guys offer me some advice?


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May 2, 2021 - 6:13pm

It depends on what finance job you want LOL. If you want banking or PE, go Ivey. If you want trading or a capital markets role, go FARM. 

A few ways of going Hong Kong are through the pension funds (OTTP has a Hong Kong office). The Pension Funds have both Private Equity arms (you want to go for Ivey for that), and they have Capital Markets arms (go FARM for that).

Transferring to Hong Kong is very difficult though. There is one Waterloo Math grad and one Waterloo AFM grad working in HK PE, and one Ivey grad working in High Conviction Equities in HK

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