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I'm about to graduate in 2 semesters and thinking of applying to HSW deferred admissions. My background is in swe and I've done an internship at 1 of Fb/Google and will be doing another internship at another top tech company (1 of Citadel/Databricks/Stripe) and for the most part plan to return to this company full time once I graduate. I also have some other internships under my belt but the names aren't as shiny as those two.

GPA: 3.5

School: Top 30 private (not CMU though)

Major: Computer Science

GRE: 168 quant 162 reading 5.5 writing (probably going to take GMAT next summer though since I heard b schools like to see GMAT for ORM)

Demographic: ORM male

Extracurriculars: Not too much but I still have 2 semesters left so I can potentially get more involved.

My main concern is my gpa of course since I've already taken pretty much all the classes I need (can't really raise it by much anymore) and whether or not mba adcom only know about Fb/Google when looking at swe applications. It was one of the concerns I had but I still decided to go with Citadel/Databricks/Stripe instead of F/G.

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Nov 25, 2021 - 3:18pm

I'm no expert on 2+2 programs or applications and am also ~10 years removed from undergrad so I acknowledge the world has changed since I was in school. At a glance you'd be a borderline to weak candidate. I don't think the GPA is awful, 3.5 in a hard major from a good school won't be a massive plus, but it also won't be a huge detriment. Assuming your GRE/GMAT goes up al little too and at a high level from those stats you'd be competitive.

The problem will be that you're not that unique and not special enough for an HBS/Stanford to want to lock you in right now, especially as an ORM. If you had some exceptional ECs, had published papers on ...AI/ Web 3, etc, started a company to dig wells in Africa, or something that made you really special in your field, then maybe you'd have a better chance, but as it stands, you're smart and accomplished, but they'd probably just reject you and let you apply in 4 years. Probably not a ton you can do now to improve your chances, apply and see what happens, but honestly, given where your career seems to be headed, you might not even need B-School.

Nov 25, 2021 - 3:56pm

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah all of that makes sense.

As it stands I get that my biggest differentiator is good career while not being typical high finance orm guy going for mba, which at the end of the day still isn't special since a lot of orm guys have this background too yet on linkedin there are basically no swes from top unicorns/hft going for mbas. I can't tell if that is because mba adcom can only recognize fb/google as the top tech companies or if its because there really aren't any swes from these companies applying.

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Nov 25, 2021 - 4:05pm

That makes sense, you're definitely not a complete no, the software angle is somewhat different. If you can do a good job building around that aspect, you might have a chance. B-Schools are looking to take more tech candidates, so there's a chance that narrative will work. Honestly, 4/5 years of working as a SWE and then reapplying, you'd probably have a pretty good shot at all the top schools in a few years time. No harm is applying though, especially given that you already have a job locked up.

Nov 26, 2021 - 12:16am

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