Huron or FTI Consulting Exit Ops?

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Hey all,

I have just received FT offers from both these firms, and need help in deciding between the two. I'm from a primarily IBD type of school, Stern, and in this horrible job market, the litigation and financial distress consulting jobs are the only ones hiring it seems.

I understand that Huron came from Arthur Anderson in 2002 when CEO Gary Holdren left to start his own unique consulting firm; a firm which started the profitable business of AA (litigation, economic, forensic accounting, and a little strategy consulting with the acquisition of Galt). I have no proficient accounting background or experience, yet I still got the offer due to some economic consulting experience.

FTI is the leader in this "niche" consulting category, but from people I talk to they say its internal investment bank in financial restructuring is good and even competes on some deals alongside the Rothschilds of the world. On the other hand, a guy I knew who interned at FTI as a summer analyst told me that Huron is the new, hotter firm gaining a lot of deals that FTI used to get and its trading around $75 in the market or so after its IPO last year.

My problem is that what are the EXIT OPS in this "niche" consulting type of area? Could I garner some financial distress skills and parlay that to the finance world in HF's? Could I transition to special situations, distressed equity/debt, or even top-tier strategy consulting down the line?

Their entry-level Analyst offers are for $60K plus a $6k sign-on bonus paid in 2 installments. Does anyone know the compensation levels as you work your way up through this type of consulting company? I hate how in consulting there is no top-notch training like BB's/HF's/trading shops give you. Rather they give you a week to learn how to use Microsoft Excel/Access.

Any help is appreciated in helping figuring out which to choose.

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Jan 13, 2008

May 17, 2008

Although this thread topic is old, I am curious as well regarding both Huron and FTI. Both firms hire at my school (Analyst for Huron, corporate finance Consultant for FTI), and I would like to see if any one on here is currently employed by either firm. How has the experience been? I will be a summer analyst for Huron this summer (and yes, I know Huron took a huge hit in their stock price). Thank you!

May 18, 2008

"I hate how in consulting there is no top-notch training like BB's/HF's/trading shops give you"

Well, in consultant training you learn a base set of skills, but the activities you do are too varied to learn in one set week program - there are so many industries, functional areas, and types of events that you focus on that there is no point or way to condense everything you will do into a few training sessions. In IB you will be doing the same 4 or 5 things in a daily basis and there is MUCH more overlap between different industry and even product groups.

Oct 10, 2008

bump --would love to hear about people's experience at FTI's restructuring arm. Work and lifestyle? Exit opps? Pay for the analysts?

Aug 15, 2011


Aug 15, 2011

I think I've seen someone from Alvarez & Marsal lateral to Miller Buckfire before (on linkedin). And someone else from either Huron or FTI lateral to this IB boutique made up of previous restructuring & sponsors guys at UBS. (I think it's called GLC Advisors?)

I'd imagine on the off chance those types of shops have an analyst or associate opening, there's a possibility to lateral.

Aug 17, 2011

what about lifestyle and quality of work at FTI? anyone here who has been full time with them that can shed some light?

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