I am desperate! Pls help me and evaluate my profile!

Hello, I am 20 years old and would like to start my master next summer. That's why I'm already thinking about where I can study. So far I have noticed the following programs:
-Cambridge MM/Economics
-Oxford Economics
-HEC Master in Management
-Bocconi MiM/ China MiM
-HEC Yale Double Degree MiM
This is my profile:
Abitur (German A-Levels) 1.1 (ca. GPA 3.9)
Bachelor 1.3 Top 10 Business Schools in Europe
Internships: 3 months MBB, 3 months VC, 6 months PE, 3 months T2 Consulting, 6 months Dax30 Strategy,
Working Student: 1 year IB, 1 year MBB Semester abroad LSE
GMAT 740
Graecum and Latinum
English C1, German C2, Italian C2, French B1
My goal is MBB, venture capital or found a start-up company.
I would like to work in the UK in the short to medium term and in Germany (Berlin) in the long term.
What do you think are the best programs for me and where do I have good chances?
Can I get a full scholarship at any of these business schools?

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Mar 1, 2020 - 9:04pm

You're targeting all the right schools for London (Oxbridge, LSE, LBS). The lesser known programs may offer scholarships but will offer diminished career options. VC right out of anyone of these programs would be hard. More likely you should do IBD, then try for PE or even VC.

I"m sure there are plenty of great schools in Germany, but most are not very well known outside Germany and would not transfer as well to London. However, if you want to stay in Germany, that's another story....

If your goal is London in the short term, Germany long term. Attend a top program in London, do banking after, after that you can transition to a buy side job in London or move back to Germany.

Mar 2, 2020 - 7:43am

What do you think about:
Bocconi with scholarship than 1 year MBB in Italy/London and than VC in Berlin
HEC with Eiffel scholarship than 1 year MBB in Paris/London than VC in London/Berlin/Paris
HSG with excellence scholarship than 1 year MBB in Zürich than VC in Berlin

Are this paths realistic?

What do you think are my chances for scholarships at all of this programs?

Mar 2, 2020 - 7:50am

You won't know unless you apply! Hard to judge your scholarship chances from afar as so many variables go into the equation.

Getting into a VC role straight out of masters is near impossible. Don't bank on that happening. Try IBD out of school, then more options will appear.

I never head of HSG, Bocconi / HEC are more well known. BUT if you want to work in Paris or Italy, you better speak the language...else, no chance.....

As mentioned before, if you want to work in London, go to a London school.

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