I am Lost....Finance Career In Research Path Advice

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I finally decided to just join this site in order to get honest advice on career paths for a research career in finance.
I am a new grad and I enjoy analyzing complex data, it plays to my engineering background. However, I have no clue how to actually approach the industry. I am trying to focus my career on the APAC markets and my research, internships, etc have focused on the APAC regions....even studied out there twice in schools that are considered "Targets" in the Asian markets.

I just don't know who/how to present my experiences and background. I have been getting chances to conduct informational interviews; however, the professionals can take time to reply, which I completely understand.
I am not trying to go to NYC, no way in hell I will be able to enter that market. Instead, I am hoping to enter in markets such as SF, Chicago, etc and then maneuver my career back toward Asia.
(Not interested at all in LA)

Any advice on how I can connect with firms in an effective manner?
Honestly, any advice helps.

(quick overview-4.0 scale)
California: Engineering - 3.6 (Tau Beta Pi award and focus on quantitative analytics)
Hong Kong: International Political Economy - 3.7 (Exchange)
Japan: International Business and Finance - 3.8 (Exchange) <- Awarded for Research by an international firm, but recruiters at the firm had openly stated that being awarded by executives didn't mean they would recruit me. They want everyone to go to the Boston Career Forum to interview...something that numerous professional in Tokyo advised against.

Thanks in advance.

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Dec 27, 2018