I built better keyboard shortcuts for Google Slides

I recently left consulting and moved to industry (a tech startup) and life has been great.

However, a major downside has been that I'm now forced to use Google Slides. 

Quick edits are fine, but anything involving more than a few sides is physically painful to do. The main reason I've observed is the lack of Quick Access Toolbar or shortcuts for key features (e.g. aligning shapes, etc.) in Google Slides. This was so annoying that I ended up building a solution (slideswhiz.com).

Initially, I just built out shortcuts for aligning and arranging shapes for myself, but thought that other people may also feel the same pain and have expanded since then.

If you have any suggestions or feature ideas, I would love to hear them :) 


TLDR; Moved to industry and was forced to use Google Slides. Hated it, so built additional shortcuts and toolbar to help keep my sanity.

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Sep 6, 2021 - 4:38am

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