I finally found legitimate FX broker for long years of trying. GFtrade review.

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Like many experienced traders do, I've tried many Forex brokers trying to find the best fit. I've grown skeptical about Forex brokers, because they mostly promote bonuses and spreads that does not end up in traders' benefit. And so I was skeptical too, when I started trading with GFtrade 5 months ago. Compared to other top-5 broker companies, the withdrawal and execution speed were same. Long story short, the PROs about GFtrade is that there is no commission for relatively low spread. For all live accounts, they offer 50% bonus per deposit, which was big plus for me. I trade $400 at average every day, and for a long-term trader like myself, having extra $200 is not something to be taken lightly.

I've been trading for 4 years now, and I gotta confess that I have unconsciously lowered the standard toward the brokerage services in the industry, simply because there are too many scammers who aims to get popularity and trade money. I was stuck in many crooked brokers who are not afraid to do large scale of fraudulent advertisements. I as an individual trader, didn't have choice about brokers even if I was fooled, because every single brokers do the same kind of promotion all year around. The advertised spread is showing a lot different from the actual MT4 live spread value, the bonuses always have conditions, which are impossible to satisfy, the broker going bankruptcy for slippage malpractice (You know what I'm talking about), I just gave up on the fact that these brokers don't care about the traders' success.

However, I've noticed that GFtrade advertises spread values same as the actual MT4 value. EUR/USD standard, the spread is 0.9. And right now they are on cashback promotion, giving $4 for every lot transaction back to the clients. After applying the cashback, the trading cost is same as 0.5 for EUR/USD. And above all, did I tell you about NO COMMISSION? Enough said. I'm satisfied with my broker for the first time.

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Jan 28, 2019