I HAVE A DEAL FOR YOU!! Appeal to the Collective Intelligence of this forum

Dear Denizens of the Wall Street Oasis,
I've never posted in this forum, but I've been lurking over the years, learning, and getting a feel of the community. I'm trying to get a job. And I need your help. This is for those of you with modelling skills, presentation skills, insight, or even just a useful idea. Either way, if you contact me either through this thread or by PM (or preferably both) to share your insights or eveb help me on a practical level, I promise you will have made a loyal friend, and if I find myself in a position to return the favour compounded exponentially, I will.
Here's the deal.
I've just nearly burnt bridges at a recent interview with one of the relatively ''big' buy-side guy (keeping this vague for discretion). He would basically be my ideal boss. I managed to get the interview in question through a combination of luck and rather forward networking techniques- and it got my foot in the door. I came under the pretext of asking him questions about his experience but it quickly turned into an interview, for which I was in hindsight ill prepared. It started off great....but I tripped up over some rather basic questions. I really underperformed and failed to adequately showcase my usual ability to think quickly on my feet and improvise. He explicitly stated my chances were slim.
In a successful last minute ''damage limitation'' attempt, I got him to give me his word he'd read ''a piece of work'' I would produce before the end of May 2015.. This does make things tough for me on a personal level, given that I am in the middle of dissertation and exam time. But even this admittedly ''slim chance'' is the best chance I have. And I am determined to turn it into a job yet. For a variety of reasons this is extremely important to me. I have never been more committed to a goal than now. I fear I may not rise to the challenge, and be forced to take another path in life, but even if that is destined to be- I'm going to give it the best I have. Things have been tough recently, on a variety of levels....but here I have a chance to turn it around.
So, as part of this effort I am turning to you- whoever you are reading these words- and to the collective intelligence of those on this forum. I humbly ask for your knowledge and experience.
I am currently planning on getting data from the local municipal to help create a sample ''project proposal'' related to real estate. I will then use this and other public data to assemble various models- which will serve to showcase my analytical/modelling skills (currently rusty and basic- but dedicating 4/5 hours a day to change that-)
I deliberately left the nature of my work open ended, so as to be able to add to it as I move forwards- so I ask of those here, assuming super-human effort – what are the upper limits of possibility with regards to what one could possibly do in a limited time frame to impress a big time PE guy . Are any of you willing to share some of your knowledge and perspective? PM's more than welcome- and for general advice which could benefit the community, feel free to post here!

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