I know I'm F'd - Give me some advice or help me feel better!

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Essentially I became a dr8g addict during college and totally screwed myself - cleaned myself up within the 2 years after graduating and started work in retail banking, to derivative operations, then to a hedge fund as a trader/PM assistant, and now i'm in Prime Services (yeah it sucks) at a big broker.

I went to what is probably considered a top high school in the world and didn't really do that well so I ended up in a top 30 university - there my problems got worse and I graduated with a mid 2's GPA.

I'm trying to create a career in finance (NOT OPERATIONS) and I know it's going to be difficult with the mistakes I made.

I passed the lvl 1 for the CFA and studying for lvl 2 -

Is the only way I'll really be able to turn anything around is by doing well at my current position, getting my CFA, and then applying, attending, and excelling in a top 10 B-School? Or are there other options besides going through B-School?

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Oct 22, 2009

Too bad Madoff isn't hiring

Big 4 Accounting Guide to Getting Hired Contains interview questions, exactly how to answer, resume guide, how to make an impact and a guide to the firms and service lines.

Oct 22, 2009

yeah Bear Sterns used to hire junkies too. Anyways Prime Brokerage aint a bad place to be and the world needs ditch diggers(or in this case PB guys) better than being back office right?

Oct 22, 2009

PB is really the same sh*t as back office -

I'm clean now but even if I wasn't, it's not like they test at buy-side shops.

would you guys essentially agree that going through a top 10 b-school is the most viable option to get my career on track?

Oct 22, 2009