I need advice on networking with a sample pitch?

I'm currently a rising senior beginning to cold email and network for large AMs and a couple of HFs for full time. I don't know what to send out for my work sample.

Option 1: I currently have a very well put together pitch(IMHO), that I used to get my current SA job at a midsize AM. The main pitch is 1 1/2 pages but has a long 8+ page appendix of supporting info, showcasing all the work I put into it. The problem is that it's been a year since I wrote it up, and it's old, and the thesis has already half played out.

Option 2: I could retool the thesis above a bit to incorporate what's happened, but I believe doing so would make my thesis and overall work product a little less good, if that makes sense.

Option 3: I could write up a short 2 pager of a couple of a couple ideas that I have currently kicking around, but without the appendix and as much supporting info. I think they're good ideas, and they're recent, but I believe that this route wouldn't showcase my ability as much, just because I wouldn't be able to put as much effort into this as I've already put into my previous pitch.

What do you guys think?

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Jul 4, 2019

Option 4: Put together a pitch of a new idea that showcases your best work, abilities, and effort.

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Jul 5, 2019