I need to decide which Non-target MBA program

Hello Community,

I am reaching out because I have been accepted to two US MBA programs with similar levels of Scholarship and I want to know with which one I would have better odds at landing a BB IB job at WS.
A little bit of my background:

• Male on its late 20´s.
• Work experience: Investment Banking, one year at big bank (Santander Bank) in the IBD and two years on a Global Boutique that specializes on the US Capital Markets (the reason that I left Santander was that I wanted to play a key role on the transactions and also I wanted a differentiator on my Resume – the boutique is based in Shanghai and most of our clients are located in Asia)
• I am from Mexico.
• I am a candidate for the level II of the CFA designation.

If you are wondering why I want to do IB after my MBA if I am already there? The answer is that I want to be at the center of the action. I want to be involved in bigger and more complex deals and I want to work alongside the best of the best. Can't think of another place to do that than at a BB on WS.

Now, I know that the programs on which I have been accepted are not target or even semi-target: Simon Business School at the University of Rochester and Kelley Business School, Indiana University.

Before you start talking about the Investment Banking Workshop at Kelley you must know that it's NOT open for MBA students, just undergrad (I have been doing my research)

On another subject, I have talked to students and Alumni from both programs and they have told me that it is totally possible to land the job. The people that I have talked to are currently in the IBD of Credit Suisse, for both schools, so that just confuses me more.

I know that I will have to do the leg work and go to WS to network EVERY week, I don't mind it. Apparently, Simon is very good for Finance but Kelley even has an academy called ''Capital Markets Academy'' on which you do treks to WS, meet Alumni, etc.

One las point: As I said, I have talked to people from Kelley and they have told me that the Graduate Students form there (even though they are a lot on WS) are not very responsive to MBA students from Kelly, so I must rely on the MBA Alumni network only.

Any thoughts? I would really appreciate experience based and non-sugarcoat answers.
Thank you very much in advance for your time and insight.

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