I somehow got a MM HF internship, please help?

I have no idea how i passed through with my unamazing background but I recently got an internship in the macro team w a pretty decent MM HF in Asia (Balyasny, Exodus, Point 72 ish). I'm a final year student and would doing this internship all the way till I graduate and from what I understand, the team is expanding and there would be conversion opportunities to an analyst role.

I do have some other full time offers lined up, mostly the full time offers are in banking mid office or commodities program which are not as amazing as this internship role honestly. Personally, I'm definitely more excited for the HF role and it's something I'm inclined towards (I did an internship on the trading desk for a non BB bank prev), even though its just an internship. And career wise, it definitely has more upsides compared to the other roles I am offered.

Q1. Any advice for this situation? I've decided to take up the internship, but I really have no idea how it would turn out and if I would get converted at the hedge fund it is in, especially how volatile careers are in HFs. Should I also accept the full time offers first?

Internship: All the way till graduation
Full time Offers: After graduation

I really don't want to be caught in a situation where the HF doesn't/can't convert me and I don't have any offers at graduation point because my GPA is honestly trash, and it would be an uphill battle finding jobs once again. (internship offer and full time offers do not clash, so I could take both offers. But if I do get converted full time at the HF, I would definitely take it, meaning I would have to renege on the other offers rather late, which is really bad and I'm not even sure if there's any repercussions)

Q2. Tips for excelling in a MM HF analyst roles on the macro team from past analyst/PMs? From what I understand, your job heavily depends on which PM you're following and their performance. Lets say your PM doesn't do well and is let go, can other PMs take you as their analysts, assuming you're good of course.

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Dec 1, 2021 - 3:45am

Hey chuchuchimpanzee, I think you deserve a response...heck, everyone does. We're listening, sorry about the delay ...my best guess at places on WSO that could help:

More suggestions...

I hope those threads give you a bit more insight.

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Dec 11, 2021 - 11:59am

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