I think my parents stole my identity for loans and I can't pull my credit report

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So I'm finally ready to start working on medical debt as taxes came in and I can pay things off. I went to pull my reports and it asks security questions about taking out store cards in 2014 and an auto loan in 2017. I did not know of this so I selected none of the above and was denied.

I believe back in 2014 I tried to apply for some store cards but I was denied by every single one so I don't know how this might have happened. Back in 2017 I tried for a small auto loan but never took one out. Could this still show up? The security question explicitly said cards and loans were opened and taken out.

My parents had issues long after their divorce with stealing one another's credit and making false accusations and doing dodgy stuff. My mother also got a newer car around the same time in 2017.

What do I do and how do I proceed? I just wanna keep working at fixing my life.

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Feb 17, 2019