I want to get a job with Deloitte as a BTA for fulltime. Is there any certifications that can make me more competitive?

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Hi everyone! I posted this a while back but I'm looking for more advice. I'm currently a rising college senior at a public university on the east coast (Graduation date May 2018). I'll try to give you as much detail as possible about this situation.. I was a troubled student my freshman year and beginning of my sophomore year. I struggled a lot with my prereqs but I got into my major and I'm doing better now. I've taken a lot of interest in the Big 4 and the opportunities they have to offer. I'm especially interested in the BTA position, as I'm interested in the different things I'd be able to do as well as the fact that it's the only position that Deloitte offers students from my university and I figure it's a great way to get my foot in the door.

I'm a business management major with the potential to double major in either psychology or econ (I haven't decided yet. But if I don't double major I'll graduate a semester early, December 2017). Unfortunately, I have an overall 3.0 GPA, with a 3.5 major GPA.

As for ECs/experience:
-I've worked a steady part time job as an advising assistant in my colleges business office.
-I've held a steady job as a server back home from 2013-2016 (started working there in HS, then came back for summer and holidays).
-I've held a management internship with a large hotel last summer
-I'm currently a business analyst intern at a federal consulting firm well known in my area (they work with Deloitte on the technical side, actually)
-This summer I will also be working as a PT business growth fellow for a media startup company (directed at millennial women, really cool mission)
-I was the VP of pledge education for my coed business fraternity (I recruited almost 40 people in the fall semester. Largest in chapter history)
-I'm the secretary for my campus' chapter of AAUW
-I'm a member of SHRM
-I've studied abroad for a semester
-I plan on volunteering with a large nonprofit this summer
-I have a Kepner-Tregoe Consulting certification
-I've placed in a relevant case study competition relating to going through a technology change
-I will be attending a leadership conference in Argentina this August
-I have a blog/Instagram account with over 30K followers with a website I created myself (I'm not an Instagram model lol, I don't show my face in my pics really it's more of a lifestyle/fashion account) - didn't mention this last time.

^^This isn't meant to sound like I'm bragging. My GPA sucks, I gotta make up for it somewhere lol.

Not really things that I've done, but things I have going for me/some more info:
-Not sure if this relates, but I am a white female.
-I have one Deloitte recruiter on campus. I know she recruits for BTAs each fall, usually management information system majors.
-I know one alumni personally that is currently a BTA. We aren't close friends but she may be able to refer me to the recruiter. I'm gonna email/message/text her and ask her if I can talk to her about the position.
-I also know through connections a current BTA who wasn't an MIS major (which they usually recruit), but a marketing major. I'm friends with her on LinkedIn and I plan on messaging her there.

I believe the cut off for this is around a 3.2 or a 3.4. My plan is to sit down with the recruiter in the fall and discuss my low GPA as well as my strengths. I'm honestly gonna go with the approach that I know it's my fault that my GPA sucks so bad and although there are no excuses, I'm a hardworker that has made some mistakes and I'd like her to look past it and look at my other accomplishments. Do you think I have a shot? What can I do to make myself more competitive? Are there any certifications I can get to help?

Thanks for your time!

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May 29, 2017