IB Analyst position in Europe & Spontaneous Application


I got a Master in Finance (Audit & Corporate Finance) since 2018 and I'm 26. During these 3 years I had a 6 month Associate Role in Audit in a Big 4 and right now I got a small business in retail. Genuinely curious, I wanted to try early what it is like to be an Entrepreneur. And the ratio Risk/Reward is trash. I want to go back into Finance especially IB. So you got the big picture.

I read a lot of post about Job research in US, but in Europe it doesn't seem to work that way. Even the term " IB Analyst " doesn't appear to be used here. Most " analyst " offers refers to internal analyst who reports company financials like "Amazon Financial Analyst", that one pops on my linkedIn everyday since few months. 

Is there EU guys to tell me what kind of Job name do I need to look for if I want to get into Valuation/Analysis M&A (But mostly Powerpoint and Excel all day long in reality). I look exclusively in Luxembourg right now as I live near.

Is there sources to understand how the hierarchy, job name, are used ? What do I need to look for ? Do I only have to look for application on each IB everyday or try to apply spontaneously ?

I really want to get into it and understand how to do it effectively if someone got some knowledge.

Thank you in advance.

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