IB full-time recruiting strategy

Hello fellas,

Alright, so I go to a non-target have a decent gpa of 3.7+ with no IB experience but have couple finance and wealth management internships. I was unable to land any IB for this summer but I did land a BO at a BB. I accepted the offer very early in the cycle because I didn't want to lose the opportunity i was given.

So my question is that what should be my strategy to prepare for the FT recruiting coming up.
Should i be networking within the firm? If my manager finds is it gonna jeopardize my FT offer? How can I best place myself to get noticed and get interviews for IB.

(I am well aware of how hard it is to get a FT spot without SA experience etc. Please refrain from commenting if you just going to tell me that I don't have a shot).

Thanks in advance.

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Jun 10, 2018