IB or VC in China?

Hi, current senior here. Background: international student with an engineering background at a US semi-target (high 2.xx gpa) + student exchange in the EU. I have offers at a state-owned IB (think CITIC/CICC/etc) or VC (local early-stage) post-graduation, which one would you guys take if you were to maximize b-school chances? I'm leaning to IB as it's more technical and it might be seen as a more prestigious/better role for b-schools (although not a lot of people in my division went to a top b-school), but the VC has people from top b-schools (good spread in the m7) and has past associates going to those schools. Would the smaller environment of VC & a team that went to a good b-school help?

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Aug 14, 2020 - 2:53pm

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