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Jun 13, 2021 - 11:20am

How's the lifestyle in Dubai -
Well, it depends on what you like. Dubai is a modern city that does not have much of history to it. If you are interested in modern architecture, it will be a suitable place for you. Given this, there is still a lot of construction that goes on because they are always building something new. 

Dubai is quite huge, but once you leave the city - it's just desert. Also the city of Dubai gets occasional sandstorms. Abu Dhabi is 1-1.5 hours away. 
Dubai has good weather for like 9 months out of the year. But the 3 months (June/July/August), it feels like you are in Arizona desert. 
Quite a few things to do in the city. Has 2 of the worlds top 5 biggest malls (The Dubai Mall, The mall of emirates). If you like going to Orlando for adventure parks - Dubai has A LOT of them. Indoor skiing, ice rinks, desert safari, beaches...
Public Beaches you have to be dressed up - but there are private beaches where you can tan, etc... NOTE: UAE is an Islamic country - so as long as you follow the rules, you are fine. But do not be one of the people that go there and create chaos - just because. 
Dubai Marina/Springs are a good place for Western Immigrants that hold good jobs. Bur Dubai/Deira are mostly occupied by eastern immigrants that are more so laborers. I like both areas. Things are REALLY cheap in the Bur Dubai/Deira area with amazing food!

How do they all drive Ferraris? Dubai has a lot of entrepreneurs. It is also one of the hubs for rich people to vacation. But driving a Ferrari in Dubai - no one really cares (Unless your number plate is 1 or 2 digits, you are just another Ferrari driver). 

Is it worth studying there for college? A lot of high-end jobs in Dubai (Consulting, IB, etc...) recruit from Beirut/Europe (example: American University of Beirut is huge into placing for consulting as undergrads, meanwhile INSEAD is huge into placing for MBA consultants). Dubai colleges are not as famous and don't really have huge recruiting into - unless you are a Emirati (Dubai National) than you can get a job easily. Plus Dubai is not that big of a place for IB. Don't know much about PE

End advise - people don't go to Dubai with a plan to live there forever. They pay huge comp package and sometimes give housing allowances as well. Dubai has no income tax. Unless your country is making you paying the taxes (Example: US Citizens have to pay US tax even if they work in other countries). The heat in Dubai can be a huge negative. So go there, make good comp for a couple years and find another comfortable place.
Also - visit Dubai multiple times and get a feel of it before you even make the decision of living in Dubai. The city is not for everyone. 

Dubai Marina:
Dubai Marina

Bur Dubai/Deira:


Financial District:


Bottom two circles - Dubai Marina/Barsha Heights (Springs). Middle circle - Financial District. Top circle - Bur Dubai/Deira. 
Also - if you get jobs in Tech - right next to Barsha Heights/Dubai Marina is the Dubai Media City (Oracle/Microsoft/IBM, etc..)

Jun 22, 2021 - 12:53pm

What do you think the comp would be in a good EB? Do you think you can survive/get a position without knowing arabic? What's the situation if you are if you do your undergrad from uk target/semi and then go there? 

i know everyone there is driving good cars and it doesn't matter much, but do you think the comp is good enough in finance/consulting that you can afford these things?

glad you could help, thanks.

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Jun 25, 2021 - 3:11pm

YES , I am born in Dubai and I am 20 ,so 20 years of living in Dubai and still staying.

So IB/PE ,there are some firms here ,but at the end it's not a hub

For Consultants ,Dubai , it's great and there are great packages

I am in my 3rd year of Finance Bachelor's and I have been looking for summer internships and all are unpaid and I got selected in many.

So if you are a good package of degrees ( experience matters ) and good skills ,you can get a great job

Talking about heat and beaches ,they are great and amazing ,it's hot sometimes ,being a country surrounded my deserts ,it's hot ,but not alot humid.

Anyways for Finance point of view it's great ,but not the best .

Jun 26, 2021 - 6:01pm

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