IB SA requirements - unique situation

Hi guys,

Will 2011 SA stints for BBs (e.g. MS / GS) require you to graduate in 2012? What If I can graduate in the summer of 2011 or December 2011? Especially GS, because I will have a chance of meeting the recruiting team.

The reason why I am asking is because I am pretty set on delaying graduation past May 2011, it just comes down how long. (obviously the sooner the better, and I really don't want to stay for an extra year)

I know this is a petty question, but I would truly appreciate any help I can get!!


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Dec 13, 2010

BBs have no problem with students graduating in the Fall; I've had this confirmed by multiple contacts in different banks.

I do see a potential scheduling problem if you're trying to get a SA internship AND graduating in the summer...

Dec 13, 2010

Go for fall graduation, they shouldn't have a problem with that. Also gives you a bunch more free time between when you finish school and start your job. Heck, you might be able to work out a spring internship with them. Of course that gives you more time to fuck shit up, but hey, more experience, right?

Dec 13, 2010