IB vs Fintech... FIGHT !

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Was looking to see people's thoughts on the subject given that compensation and bonuses are on the decline within IBs.

Given all exogenous variables such as exit opps, possible vesting of stock options etc..

Would it be a smarter move for someone new in his career to take the fintech route instead , will there be higher future upside .

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Feb 13, 2020


Feb 13, 2020

This has been covered many times on this forum. Spit in any direction and you can find a post that is Fintech v IB.

I cannot take credit for this comment, but it sums up this argument well and I do not want to look for it right now. "What makes you think that there is such a large intersection of people that would be good or be able to do Fin Tech and IB?"

Choose what you want to do based on your skills, go kickass, be the best, and don't look back.

Feb 13, 2020

Do what you're interested in developing a career in. Don't just chase money.

This feels similar to posts about IB vs consulting. Two completely different jobs that aren't very comparable. Choose where you'd fit best.


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Feb 14, 2020