IBD Document Samples

Does anyone know where I can get sample IBD documents as I would like to look at the structure/format/contents of the following documents.

(Sell Side M&A Deal Process)
1. Initial marketing materials --> executive summary and offering memorandum
2. Non disclosure agreements
3. Written Indicators of Interests (IOIs)
4. Purchase Agreement

Couple of questions:
1. Where does the pitchbook fit into all of this? Is this the 'initial marketing material'? Or is it used later i.e. once the IOI's have come in?
2. Where do company profiles fit into this? Again - step 1?
3. Is valuation analysis only conducted in step 1?
4. Are the steps above the same for a sell side divestiture?

Thanks! :)

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Nov 24, 2012 - 12:35pm

From what I learned over the summer the pitchbook helps bring in the deal so this comes before everything else. The client signs an engagement letter with the bank they want to hire. The premarketing phase is when the teaser and CIM are created. Teasers are sent out to a list of potential buyers and those that are interested sign an NDA. They then receive the CIMs and if still interested, they submit IOIs by a deadline. The client chooses the buyers they like based off a number of things. Presentations are given to these potential buyers and if still interested, they will submit LOIs. Then there's a bit of negotiations and due diligence. I'm pretty sure valuation analyses are a part of MPs as well.

Not, sure what company profiles are. Potential buyer profiles go in the pitch

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