IBD Intern Frankfurt - Advice needed from somebody who is familiar with the market

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Hi friends,
I am very grateful that I received an off-cycle internship offer from one of the BBs (Citi, JPM, MS, GS) in Frankfurt. There is something I would like to ask before making the big decision.
1. What are the working hours in these BBs in Frankfurt for junior employees like interns and analysts, what are the hours in general? How is culture?
2. What are the rates to get a return offer for a full-time position? I understand that every intern wants to get a full-time position so I want to know how competitive it is. Are these firms flexible?
3. If I don't get a full-time offer, is there a chance to find something in Frankfurt? I can't apply for graduate recruiting for next year since it doesn't work with my timeline. I have to apply for lateral recruiting. What are the chances that I can find a junior analyst position in banking, PE, hedge fund, other investments in FFM as a fresh graduate with 0 full-time experience and a BB off-cycle internship experience? (Lateral recruiting usually requires couple years of experience)

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Feb 17, 2019