IBD summer internship vs MIT Mfin

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Hi all,

I am currently a finalist at Cambridge. Since I have not secured a return offer from my previous IB summer internship, I have been applying to various masters in finance programs.

I am struggling between the following options:

1. Summer internship at UBS HK + LSE Mfin
2. Summer internship at UBS HK + Camb Mphil Econ & Finance
3. MIT Mfin

I personally rank 1 above the other two. I have spent 3 years at camb for my undergrad degree and will like to experience living in London.

But deciding between 1 and 3 is really a struggle. I have always wanted to go to the US for higher education (international exposure + culture). But MIT's course is 2 times more expensive than LSE's. Also, I personally value industry experience over education. So, I will rank 1 slightly above 3.

I want to know what you guys think about these options.

Any advice is appreciated.

Many thanks!!

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Mar 3, 2014