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Good Afternoon!

$1million question: What are my exit opportunities after c.1-3 years in corporate development in high growth, super well funded, hardware start up?

My CV:
- 3 years industry coverage in the same industry as the start-up in a
- tier 2 BB
- degree in engineering

Current end goal: Owning my own business. Doesn't really matter in what, as long as I own the equity. So would be equally happy with owning a strategic or being a partner in a fund.

Background: Until now I always focused on exiting to PE as it would be quite helpful to pursue my end goal. I have been quite successful in interviewing (few final rounds) in upper MM PE, and I'm confident I would get a role in the NTM.
Now, I came across a corporate development role in a start up and because I just love the industry and start-up I applied for the role.

The start up: "sexy", very well funded, high growth, product will hit the market +2020, have been hiring leadership from the top global Tech businesses

The role: Corporate development, reporting in to the head of corporate development (guy with 10 years of experience who reports in the CFO).
Tasks would include: company strategy (sales, marketing, roll-out, ...), negotiating with potential industry partners and regulators and at a later stage M&A.
Pay: unclear yet, but probably 50% of a PE/IBD associate role, but including some equity

Reasons why I consider it: Learning a totally new skill set that is valuable in any business, this start-up has the potential to become the next Tesla, great way to meet entrepreneurs, investors and like minded people

Question: I'm I being too emotional about all of this? Maybe I should just stay on my trajectory to PE associate at a respectable fund.
Or... Clearly I'll learn a lot! And spending a few yrs at a "sexy" start up could be incremental to my career.
Side questions: In 1-3 years, would my profile still be of interest to PE? VC? If so, would I start back at Associate 1 or would the years be valued?

Any advice would be helpful.

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Nov 29, 2017

Hey IBD2EQUITY, sorry about the delay, but are any of these useful:

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Dec 3, 2017

Super thanks @WSO Monkey Bot, very helpful

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