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Does anyone have any information on the Business and Strategy or the Finance groups at IBM Strategy and Transformation? What type of projects are undertaken by this group? I realize this group is not in the same league of MBB, but how does it compare to the likes of Roland Berger, AT Kearney, L.E.K. or OW?

Thanks in advance!

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Mar 27, 2014

For the Strat & Trans group a lot of the work are business consulting, not management consulting. As IBM is a tech giant, majority of the projects are focused around the various tech solutions they offer. Even in the Strategy group your work would be more easily classified as Tech consulting rather than management consulting. I interviewed with this group and my interviewer who was a VP/Partner told me the above. I also have a few friends currently working there so everything I know is from them.

If tech consulting is what you want to do then it's a great option. If not you might be quite frustrated in this role once you are in it (as some of my friends have expressed). Comparing to boutiques like RB, ATK, OW, and LEK, IBM is not really in the same field in terms of management consulting projects. It's more relatable to Accenture where they leverage their tech consulting relationship to gain strategy projects, while the aforementioned Tier 2 firms are more specialized in certain industries within strategy consulting. Pure strategy projects are still around but in most cases you would have to know people and fight to be on those projects. Furthermore, you also might be required to specialize in a tech solution (ie. SAP or the like) early on so just keep that in mind.

Hope that helps

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Mar 29, 2014