IB's most likely to accept non-targets for summers internships.

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Hi Guys,

I go to a non-target in the UK, I've applied for some fairly prestigious asset managers and IB's (PIMCO, JP Morgan, Moelis) but understand that they probably won't accept me.

To hedge myself, I'm essentially looking for recommendations for institutions that I may have a higher chance of being accepted into that would still give me a lot of value if I interned there.

Thanks, in advance, for any responses.



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Nov 6, 2018

IMO opinion there are not really specific banks that I would recommend that you target. Look, its not impossible to break into IB from a non-target, it just takes a little more work. Get exceptional grades, get involved, get some work experience that is relevant, network and demonstrate why you deserve to be there and you will get interviews. From there, you are on a level playing field and you need to crush your interviews.

I arguably think I had an advantage by attending a non-target in some ways as I was able to get involved in things that I may not have had access to at a top university such as positions in student groups or competitions.

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Nov 11, 2018

Thanks for the advice man, I appreciate it.

Nov 12, 2018
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