I'd Like To Introduce Myself As A New Member

Dear Fellow Wall Street Oasis Members:

Hello, I received my bachelor's degree in political science from University of California, Berkeley. I now live in New York and am working to get an analyst position in investment banking.

I am very new to finance but want to learn everything I need to know in order to compete for a career in investment banking. I am also interested in Private Equity, Asset Management and other fields of finance. I want to get a better picture of what skills are needed to excel in the different fields so I can decide on what I want to pursue for the longer term.

Right now my objective is to work in investment banking because my perception (which may not be right) is that investment banking is the basis of finance and gaining experience in the field will best prepare me in the other fields. My understanding also is that the rewards (financially speaking) can be much greater in this field as well.

I very much welcome all feedback challenging my assertions so I can hopefully get a better picture of where, given my current and potential strengths I can make the biggest impact in the world in financial services.

So here's to my new membership with Wall Street Oasis and a long and profitable career in financial services!



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Aug 26, 2014