Ideas for Coding Project in R


I was wondering if anyone in the corporate finance or banking industry has any ideas on a project that could be done using the R coding language. I'd like to do something relating to stocks and possibly forecasting different things. Still being in university and not having done something like this directly for a job, I'd like to hear some ideas from people who may have had experience with this type of thing.

Thank you.

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Oct 17, 2018

What size do you have in mind?

Cool and relatively easy: download financial data (10-K / 10-Q forms, or sites that provide same data in CSV files), do some pre-processing, run it through some data reduction algorithm, and then some clustering algorithm. Visualize your results, and check out what types of companies tend to get clustered together.

Or maybe create some simple dashboard: Make a script that either downloads the data from providers in ready formats, or create some scraper that periodically reads data from the websites. Then you feed it into a database, and query it through R. Process the data in R, and send it to your dashboard.

Lots of cool things you can do.

Oct 17, 2018