You can see my other post on the MBA forum here:

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But basically I'm either considering a top 25 school full time or a low ranked local b school part time while I work. My profile is iffy so getting into a T25 is far from a sure thing. But anyway, I work as a fin analyst in fp&a, in NC. If I could get into a good school one if the schools I'm looking at is UNC.

But someone told me that there are better schools for Corp finance than UNC which are ranked lower. Such as:

Rice University: Jones
University of Notre Dame: Mendoza
University of Southern California: Marshall
University of Rochester: Simon
Babson College: Olin

Is this true? I would expect around 100k in loans and 100 to 110k salary at UNC working in FP&A or similar. How does that compare to those other schools?