If you were a college senior again, what would you do with anywhere between 1-6 months after college graduation yet before full-

I'm a college senior who will receive my bachelor's degree in May 2013, and have a flexible schedule before commencing with full-time work. I'm met with a rather difficult question: how long to take off and what will I do with this time?

Here is what I do have: intention to spend some time with family, an interest in travel (though no idea where), inklings of entrepreneurial ideas (but wary of its risks), a goal to ultimately do good with my life. I have saved diligently, and have the financial means to travel, invest - to entertain a number of activities.

Concrete answers encouraged, preferably for those who are able to look back 10+ years and say, "I wish I did that back then."

Potentials: start an idea (worried about time constraint), roadtrip/backpacking (location recommendations welcome!), learning Chinese through-and-through...

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Jan 18, 2013 - 8:48am

Ron Paul:
I'd chug mayonnaise, get AIDS, chop my dong off, do a search for the 597 old threads on this topic, skydive

If you did it in that order, I'm pretty sure you'd jump without a parachute.

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Jan 18, 2013 - 9:54am

-Travel somewhere that's emerging right now (i.e. India or Brazil preferably)
-Do something absolutely stupid that you can't do ever again. (For me this meant skydiving and lots of drugs)
-Bang a teacher you used to have (Hopefully not the one who's 60)
-Get your CCW permit (If you're not, you know, against that sort of thing)
-Get a head start on making some walkin' around money (I spent a lot of time investing for people in my time off)

I hate victims who respect their executioners
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