I'm a Senior Sell-Side Research Associate, AMA

Quick Bio:
I'm in sell-side research and have been for 4+ years now covering the same sector. Prior to research I did a few years in a finance-related role that was moderately applicable to my current role. For the people who care, I went to what would be labeled a "non-target" university and obtained a wildly mediocre GPA. I'm a CFA charterholder, went for the designation to bolster my non-stellar academic profile to whatever extent it was possible. Given my tenure as a "junior sell-sider", I'm obviously looking to change it up and make the move to a new opportunity.

Happy to discuss anything. Some of my answers may be a bit on the generic side, some may be in greater detail, heck some may just be soap box responses depending on the day I've had but the end goal is to provide value-add content to anyone curious about sell-side research without giving away my identity. I would say I've experienced more than a normal junior person in my stint through multiple employers/market cycles/swings in investor sentiment (all pertaining to my specific sector) and hope it serves this community well.

Will do my best to answer your questions as quickly as possible and individually but depending on time and question backlog, I might just fire off multiple bullets in a single response.

So with that said, fire away.