I'm at a career crossroads and could use all the advice I can get...

Hi all, as a quick background and introduction:

I am 32 years old and work in an Operations/Commercial Finance capacity within the Pharma industry.

I have been in this position for going on three years and have been promoted once over that time frame with strong reviews each year.

My company in particular advocates lateral movement, which in my case could include a transition into another finance function or into the business (marketing, etc.) itself.

This leaves me with three options:
1. Remain where I am and continue to hopefully work my way up a bit more (potentially limited growth)
2. Transition into another finance-related function (a bit unsure where I would "rather" be - however Treasury and IR do interest me)
3. Lateral into the business (this to me is the most risky but potentially the most rewarding/interesting).

Anyway, curious if anyone has any insight or advice. Especially if you've faced similar situations, I am wondering what the best course of action here is.

Thanks all!

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Nov 26, 2018

Hi ihavenoideawhatimdoing, don't worry, the WSO Monkey Bot is here.... I'm hoping one of these links will help find your answer:

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I hope those threads give you a bit more insight.

Dec 16, 2018


Dec 16, 2018

I would look at the background of successful people within your organization and outside of it. Look at what they have done and try to emulate it, while understanding that a lot of folks get breaks due to politics or dumb luck. Thats what I am trying to do and it makes sense.

You may need to jump ship to elsewhere where there is more opportunity as I constantly consider. Unfortunately you have to pay your dues and not everyone is lucky.

Dec 19, 2018