I'm bored: Macro Hedge Fund PM Q&A

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Howdy folks, this market has me bored to tears [edit: I'm truthfully also just having a harder time getting a read on conditions than at any point in my career, so that is prompting both frustration and introspection], and just for work-unrelated reasons, I have a bit more free time on my hands at present. So, as I grasp for meaning in this cold harsh world, I thought perhaps I would derive some satisfaction out of answering whatever questions this community may have.

Don't be afraid to ask a dumb question, though brace yourself for some vitriol depending on my mood. Regardless, I will try to answer stuff. Reluctant to delve too deeply into background. I have worked in HF's for my entire (brief) career. I will not comment on specific funds or individuals ('judge not lest ye be judged'). I don't specialize in any one geography or asset class, though the book has a relatively heavy tilt towards DM. Increasingly involved in vol mkt's. We sort of just do what you'd expect a macro fund to do... rates, FX, credit, some equities and real estate, and really whatever looks interesting. We have done a bit of work that looks more like PE than anything, though that is a tiny portion of activities.

I'm very much a qualitative, discretionary guy (the few, the proud, in macro today) though I wish I had better technical and quantitative ability. My approach is grounded in global history, which has been a life-long passion of mine. I can't guarantee I'll get to all questions.