I'm glad humans on the trading floor are losing their place to machines...

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because SJWs are trying to hit it now:

''The intern said her manager encouraged "a variety of disgusting and childish behaviors such as animal noises, burps, passing of wind and ball games," according to her witness statement for the tribunal.

The misogyny of her boss, Hemal Mistry, "was flagrant" as he fostered behavior that "somehow became normal," she said.

Colleagues had "open conversations about drugs and prostitutes" and they "were sometimes showing each other pictures of it amongst other pornographic images right at the desk."

"The environment is simply unbearable for any woman," Moukaideche said.'''

The fucking horror. And it'll just get worse as millennials (to which I belong anyway) are fully joining the workplace.

I'd legit rather have machines exterminate us all than lose more freedom to SJWs.

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Nov 17, 2017