I'm looking for help/resources on how to get started in R Programming?

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Has anyone self taught themselves R Programming? I'd like to learn R to start analyzing equities and commodity pricing and eventually get into forecasting trends. For now, this is just a side project/hobby of mine. I've messed around with programming before and in college, not an expert, but can do the basics in python, C, etc I usually struggle with the libraries. But I'd like to learn more about R and data analysis. I found this link for swirl (https://swirlstats.com/students.html), has anyone been able to teach themselves R where they can be a little dangerous? I really don't want to be stuck in tutorial hell (which is a nasty byproduct of self learning). Thanks!!

Edit: some courses I have found and have been recommended below:


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Oct 22, 2018

Do the quantitative analyst in R career path on datacamp.com. Everything you need is there. Also search a bit in this OT forum - there are a few recent threads on this exact topic.

Oct 22, 2018

Thanks! I tried searching for 'R programming' but kept turning up MBA programs, IB programs, etc

Oct 22, 2018

Haven't tried R yet, but udemy is really great for learning programming and relatively cheap

Oct 22, 2018

I've come across Udemy, most courses are $10

Oct 23, 2018