I’m looking property to let Edinburgh, is hiring a letting agency the way to go?

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Being a landlord is not easy. It takes a lot of time and expertise, which I have recently learned when the responsibility of renting out our family home in Edinburgh fell on me.

I am looking to rent my property, but my day job keeps my so busy that I don't really have the time and bandwidth to look for tenants myself.

I have carried out a few online advertisements and flyers on social media platforms, but things have not really worked in my favor. Recently, my uncle come to visit me, he suggested I should look out for a letting agency, they could help.

Wanted to be sure, if that was a good suggestion?

A little search online gave me endless letting agency names. There are plenty of letting agents in Edinburgh how do I choose the best one?

I want the letting agency to help find a quality tenant, secure the rental agreement and advise me on all compliances of property management.

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Dec 14, 2018