Impact Private Equity --- what do I tell the head hunters???

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I'd like to spend my long-term career in the field of Impact Private Equity, hopefully within the LBO space (although I know that not many firms exist like that right now).

I'm an incoming first year IB analyst and will do on-cycle this fall. I'm primarily looking to learn as much about general PE as possible early on in my career so I'm shooting for good MM LBO shops but would definitely consider heading into Impact PE right away after banking if I had the opportunity at one of the megafunds impact funds (Bain, KKR, TPG, etc.).

When I'm talking to recruiters, should I mention that I'm interested in Impact PE for the long term and that I'd like to interview with the Impact PE shops as well as MM LBO shops? Or would they see that as not specific enough and basically just not be helpful for either?

Also, could anyone speak to the interview process at the Megafund's Impact PE funds?