Incoming MBA student in CA - Which sectors should I focus on for investment management career path

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Hi Fellow WSOers:

I'm an incoming international student for a MBA (think about Haas and UCLA) program in CA and a long time lurker of WSO. Pursuing Finance career, I know, NYC is supposed to be my destination but because of relationship reason, I have to stay in CA for my life.

Here is a brief introduction of my background: I was born and grew up in China, Engineering major, undergrad in China, worked in US for 5 years in credit risk modeling after grad school in US. Will attend FT MBA this fall in order to switch career to, hopefully debt strategy in a leading IB or an investment management firm. Currently H1B but probably will get my green card soon. So no worry about work Visa limitation.

I would not consider mgmt consulting or traditional IBD, PE/VC in the future due to language barrier and lack of network in US. It will be extremely difficult for me to enter those areas in US.

I wonder which sectors should I think about for a long-term success in investment mgmt in California? I know RE, Tech and Entertainment have good presences in CA but I don't know much about the career paths. I would like to collect some info before the school starts so that I can position myself better.