Incoming Sophomore Sales & Trading Summer Analyst

Hi Everyone,

I'm a sophomore from a target school concentrating in finance. I was able to get invited for an accelerated superday back in September with a BB and accepted the offer soon after. I was curious if there is anything I should be doing in the mean time before the summer to better prepare me for my internship in sales and trading? Should I have a working knowledge of Bloomberg terminal? Should I know what products I want to rotate through? Any type of advice would be helpful! Thank you in advance.

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Nov 4, 2016

Congrats on the offer, you're in a great place to be for your sophomore year.

At this point, its more important to become familiar with big picture things and the types of products offered by your bank. Understand why sales & trading is a function (i.e. they provide liquidity and research..making the market more efficient)

Try to get a feel for deciding if you are a better fit for sales or for trading.

Get an idea about the type of products you want to work with. Macro (FICC) or company specific (HY/ER/Special situations).

Basically, be a sponge, and absorb all the knowledge you can. Your bank might send you some modules to get prepared before the internship, and you will likely have a week of training before hand too, so now is a good time (if you know what you want to do) to start learning more about that product through books and networking. Desk placement isn't AS crucial for sophomores as it is for juniors, but the more prepared you are, the better-received you will be.

Congrats again. PM me if you have any specific questions, Id be happy to send some resources over

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Nov 4, 2016