Industry Coorporate Trainee -> Audit BIG4 / Management Consulting

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Hi everyone,

I searched for any situation similar to mine but couldn't find.

I am a recently graduated industrial engineer, with a post-graduation in finance and actually enrolled in a Coorporate Trainee program, wich would be initially in a FP&A position but ended up to be in a Strategic Management/Business Improvement.

I started my career in a small PE firm and my focus is to come back to finance/strategy related areas (PE,M&A or Corporate Business Development).

I am seeign my actual situation as going to a path wich it is not my objective, but I can try to walk trough the company to positions in FP&A for example, even though I believe the company is not as finance oriented as I'd like. Also i've received an offer from a Big 4 (Deloitte) for a 2-year program in Audit - wich means rotation trough the audit areas of the company and i've also talked to consulting firms, so I can also use an interview with some of them in order to try the management consulting career.

As i'm planning to go to a B-school in Euroupe (IESE, IE, Bocconi etc) within 2~4 years what should be the best plan to follow until there? Wich option would position me in the best position to get an MBA and a good offer after the MBA:

1 - try a leadership path in a place that is not my dream for 2~4 years more before leaving to the MBA (add a CFA level I would be posible here too)
2 - go to audit, learn about finance/accounting and leave after 3 years to the MBA
3 - get prepared and go to consulting, work as consultant for 2~3 years before leaving to the MBA ?

I'd appreciate any info or insight! Thanks!!