Infrastructure PE Interview (Intern)


Can anyone offer some insight regarding the interview process for an internship in Infrastructure PE? Ratio of behavioral to technical questions? What can I expect in regards to technicals; given that infra PE is more cash flow based I'm assuming a strong percentage of DCF / LBO questions.

Side note - HR said to be prepared for Waterfall modeling with IRR hurdles for the modeling test

Thanks in advance!

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Comments (4)

Feb 9, 2019

Is this for Oaktree's Infrastructure internship?

Feb 9, 2019

Out of interest how does infrastructure private equity compare to normal private equity?

Feb 12, 2019

Usually way more debt given higher CF visibility and lower returns given the CF visibility. Typically, checks will be way larger given their size.

You'll have to get used to >15x EBITDA multiples (except renewables) and very tight IRR's.

For the OP, I would treat it like a banking interview because no one expects you to understand infra intricacies. Go into it aware of major infra deals in your regions and know who competitors are (SWFS, Pensions and Fund Managers)

Feb 11, 2019