Insider Trading S&T vs IBD at BB

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Are there more possibilities to profit from insider trading in S&T or IBD at BB?
I am looking for an honest answer so please refrain from replying if you think I'm a troll or it's a joke. I know insider trading is illegal and there are usually restrictions on what people working at a bank can buy/sell, but still want to put the question out there and perhaps gain a better understanding of the information that is available to people in S&T and IBD. I would imagine people working in S&T get more information and more frequently with respect to big orders that can potentially move the market whereas people in IBD get information about potential mergers, acquisitions, equity offerings, etc... My question is if the insider information gained in S&T or IBD can lead to potentially higher profits if used to one's advantage on a consistent basis.

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Jan 29, 2014

Solid 7.8/10, i breathed sharply through my nose a little.

Jan 29, 2014

Buying out of the money calls on firms you know (pre-announcement) are going to be acquired is probably the fastest and most profitable way to get arrested by the feds.

So IBD then.

Jan 29, 2014

Let's see...the most recent survey of Wall Street insider trading activity (as of 12/31/13) showed that the personal trading accounts of all IBD employees were up 45% as a result of trading on inside information while S&T employees saw gains of only 35%.

Jan 29, 2014