Insight into RBC Ventures?

Applying to summer internships right now, thought I'd drop an application at RBC Ventures (Strategic Researcher) because it seemed interesting. From the description they gave, seems to mostly be working with existing investments. I've helped with some angel/seed research, but not sure how relevant that is...

Took a look at the website - first thought, drawing animations for buttons is disgusting. Second thought, they have a tiny portfolio. From what I understand, this is part of their Wealth Mgmt. division? Not too surprised considering VC in Canada isn't that mature yet from what I understand.

I can't seem to find much about them online, probably because they're such a small player (<30 companies on their website). Does anyone know what it's like to work there? Interview questions/what to prep for? I should note that I'm an engineering student, so I don't have a super technical (finance) background, so if you guys have any pointers for what to spend some time learning I really appreciate it.

Appreciate any help/insights you guys have on either RBC Ventures or the Canadian VC market in general.


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  • Analyst 1 in IB - Gen
Jan 13, 2022 - 2:11pm

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