Institutional Equity Sales Asssitant 6~12 month Internship V.S Fund of Funds full time analyst...Help!

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Hi Monkeys:

I have a quick question about which offer I should pick- I am not US citizen hence i need h1b sponsorship next April:

Option A) investment bank Equity sales assistant position: this is a 6-12 month temp internship with the possibility to go full time as a sales analyst or any other analyst role in this bank, IF there is an opening. The content of this role is to manage all logistics for sales people coming from Europe who hold roadshows of equity research at US client sites, therefore they need someone to book their flight/train/bus/taxi/meal.

Option B) large Fund of Funds (PE) financial analyst role with benefits and sponsorship, possible to be promoted into the investment team. Content of this role is to review quarterly release of all PE funds that the FoF invests in, organize data and prepare financial and disclosure statements.

I am really torn between the two options, as I want to stay in the country but also want to fully explore my potential and see how far I can go in Finance. If anyone can shed some light or share thoughts, I'd much appreciate it. Thanks!

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Jun 20, 2016