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I had some questions about attire recommendations for S&T dress clothing for a summer intern. I was planning on buying 5 brooks brothers shirts (only in plain white and blue) and some navy/gray dress pants. I have seen advice on this forum such as to leave a suit jacket/tie in your office in case of client meetings. In that case is it fine to wear the suit jacket with a different color of pants? Or should you only be buying pants which have a matching jacket? Also, does anyone have any recommendations for buying pants for a guy who is 6'3.

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May 16, 2017 - 11:15am

i dont know a lot regarding the specific dress code for S&t interns, but if you wear a blue jacket with a gray pant is what in italy we call "spezzato" and it is pretty informal compared to the gray suit and could be appreciated in a morning day time environment.

May 22, 2017 - 5:44pm

Summer Intern Attire (Originally Posted: 11/07/2017)

what are normal intern attire for public finance IB in NY office at a BB/MM firm. I've heard JPM allows business casual but Financial Times ripped them in an article talking about most all competitors will stick with suits. But deferring to others advice. Thanks

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May 22, 2017 - 7:54am

Okay, now not only will I impress people with my exclusive fashion taste, but also with a bit of Italian. Thanks!

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May 22, 2017 - 5:29pm

Eh, it's a little bit different here where I work. We have a guy who drives to the bank on his Harley Davidson playing Metallica on full volume, and comes to the desk wearing jeans and a "Sektor Gaza" t-shirt. So "spezzato" would even be a little conservative.

You killed the Greece spread goes up, spread goes down, from Wall Street they all play like a freak, Goldman Sachs 'o beat.
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May 20, 2017 - 12:25am

I'm assuming this is for BB.....Wear (matching jacket pant) normal suits, and tie for first week. You can probably ditch the tie after that. You probably will not meet any clients, you might be able to listen in on conference calls if there are any junior people involved.

May 22, 2017 - 5:46pm

Help - Dressing for a Summer Analyst Role at a BB (Originally Posted: 11/25/2016)

I recently accepted an offer from a BB in NYC as a summer finance analyst. This is an MO/BO position (risk), but I would still like to look the part as someone seriously interested in a career in finance; hopefully transition laterally into research or investment management post graduation if I get lucky. My question is, how should I dress. I come from very modest means, and the majority of advice that I have found on forums and websites suggests rather expensive items. While I do recognize the quality and longevity of $700 Gucci shoes, $100 is what I would normally consider paying for a decent pair of dress shoes. Given my background, I simply can't justify to my parents spending enormous amounts of money on clothing.

The best advice I have seen for dressing for a BB summer internship was as follows: Go to Brooks Brothers, get measured, buy 5 white and 5 blue slim fit dress shirts (no button-down collars, no pockets), buy a navy Fitzgerald suit, and then use a rotation of ties, a black pair of dress shoes, and a black belt. This is your outfit for the summer.

Now, doing what this advice from Business Insider tells me to do would still cost a pretty penny, upwards of $1200. Also, I find it hard to believe I can get away with one suit. As it stands, I have suits, but half of them are black (a no-no for wall street) and the others are pin-stripe (also apparently a no-no). That leaves me with one suit, a solid navy two-button, which I believe should be acceptable (I wore it to my interview).

So I guess my request is, can someone tell me how I should dress for my internship (number and color/style of suit, shirt, shoes, ties) and where to find those things within a reasonable price range. I am sorry for my blatant naivety; I'm a STEM student from the South who is just stepping into the world of finance. Thank you very much for your help; I hope this discussion helps others like me who need a bit of help getting started.

May 22, 2017 - 5:47pm

To be very blunt, if you work in BO, what you wear really doesn't matter as long as it is acceptable business wear (that means black, pinstripes are all OK). My suggestion is:
Shoes: Cole Haan - they have sales all the time
Shirt: Charles Tyrwhitt - also sales all the time
Suit: work with what you have for now, until you manage the transition to a different role

May 21, 2017 - 10:20pm

Matching jacket and pants is a given.

Adopt what your peers do, if your team per say is wearing suit and ties, wear suit and ties, if they leave a jacket in the office, you leave a jacket in the office, if they do tonnes of blow, you do... you get it.

Seriously though, as said above - be memorable for your work and not what you are wearing, i.e. no pocket squares.

All the best and congrats on the offer!

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May 22, 2017 - 8:16am

Buy all of your shirts from the Express clearance rack, make sure you are creative with the colors. No one will remember an intern who only wears white or blue shirts. Belt buckles and shoes are also important. Don't wear lace up captoes like some grandpa, you're the future of the company, help the firm evolve its fashion sense. Toe the line as close as possible to what is allowable in terms of still being considered a dress shoe. But don't spend a lot either, no one will be able to tell.


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May 22, 2017 - 5:32pm
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