Intern Salary - Offered an internship at a hedge fund

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I was offered an internship at a hedge fund. I am currently in school, so this internship is basically for the spring semester.

What would be a reasonable (not excessive, but industry average) pay per hour for a hedge fund intern?

More info: I will be doing industry and company research. I will be working approximately 30 hrs/week. This hedge fund is not located in NY or CT. I am a finance major and have IBanking experience.

Thanks for your input...I am excited to work at the HF regardless of pay, but I am just wondering what industry average intern pay is?

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Jan 31,2008

For internships there can be a little bit of a range. For fall sem, I was offered 18-24, though the 24 was not that many hours. I ended up not doing any of them, but it was an interesting process to say the least. At of top 15 hf, I had 6 one hour interviews. a lot of work for nothing in the end.

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Feb 29,2008