Internal Wholesaling at Top AM firms to Product Development/Client Portfolio Management?

Definitely interested to hear some thoughts from people at top AM firms or those who have done wholesaling before : at firms like JPM Asset Management, PIMCO, The Capital Group, Lazard Asset Management, how common is it that you see the internals opt to go into (or are somewhat easily able to -- with CFA perhaps or an MBA/MSF) roles like product development, client portfolio management, etc? I know many want to go off and become externals but are certain firms more fond of allowing their internals to move off into these roles?

I've seen a lot of postings for interesting roles in product development/marketing and client portfolio management roles and many of them list years of experience in investment sales/investment management (and, often times, knowledge of distribution channels) and I'm assuming that the internals end up funneling into these roles well for their combination of sales/marketing experience and knowledge of all the different funds available?

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Nov 3, 2013