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Hey guys,

Guess that with this kind of market, international students definitely get hammered pretty badly since most of the firms want to cut back on their visa sponsoring thing, please let me know what is your experience is like especially those who are working right now and viewing our resume and applications. Really appreciate your input

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Sep 14, 2008

I heard from a fresh MIT graduate that a top consulting / BB IB firm (sorry, can't remember which) stopped considering international students for FT positions. Let's just hope that this isn't a long-lasting trend.

Jan 29, 2009


experience just the same. I am applying for IB summer internships right now. Doesn't look too good. Won't invite those Snitches...
Only Barclays invited me, but they are based in europe, so...
Hope I can find something soon, want to spend the summer working like crazy in NYC. What are your experiences? Any tips for a european wannabe banker?


Feb 16, 2009

For most London firms they still consider international applicants to London. But the numbers are heavily skewed towards Central and Eastern as opposed to Asian or American applicants. I don't have the numbers on me, but I'd say that %-wise the decrease in applicants is fairly evenly felt between the domestic and foreign applicants.

Just my 2c.

Just my 2c.

Mar 9, 2009